Our Ignite Philly 10 Speakers

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Are you ready for another Ignite Philly? Tomorrow is the day.

Our speakers include:

  • Tiffany Schaff presenting "One Brick"
  • Alli Blum presenting "United by Blue"
  • David Devan presenting "Opera Company"
  • Will Belcher presenting "Opus Spicatum: A Brief History of Herringbone"
  • Alex Gilliam presenting "Tiny WPA"
  • Michelle Freeman presenting "On the Ground"
  • Owen Winkler presenting "What Open Source means to me"
  • Tracy Welson-Rossman, Anita Andrews, and Yasmine Mustafa presenting "Techgirlz"
  • Joe Patitucci presenting "Data Garden"
  • Youngmoo Kim presenting "Drexel University's The ExCITe Center"
  • Phil Kahn presenting "Webcomics, the future of cartooning and independent creatorship in comics on the web, the tools that are available and the business models thereof, and so on"
  • Billy Dufala presenting "RAIR - Recycle Artist In-Residency"
  • Albert Lee presenting "Creating a Universal Philly #hashtag and showing the Love" 

Remember doors open at 6:00pm, speakers start promptly at 7:00pm

See you there.

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